Don't Worry, I'm Fine

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In my thirty-year struggle to heal since my abuse, I've been troubled by the difficult road that men face. I've been turned down for therapy groups and support groups because they're for women and I could be seen as a predator or remind the women of their abusers.

Through all that I've been able to improve a little every day. For most people, it looks like, on the outside, that I'm doing well and thriving. But inside my family, they see the daily struggle against depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. I want my story (and the story of the eight men who've agreed to be in the film) to help motivate men to get the help they deserve. But I can't do it alone.

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About the film

Don't Worry, I'm Fine

Expected Release Date: January 1, 2022

By: Hello World Film
Slogan: With a little help, these boys can become healthy men.
Genre: Documentary, Social Issues
Expected Length: 90 mins.
Est. Budget: $100 000
Age: 16+

In this feature-length documentary, we will tell the stories of men who are healing from the scars of childhood sexual abuse. While the statistics are horrifying for both sexes, the media and society seem to treat boy victims different from girl victims and this film will shine a light on the disparity. Lives full of shame, lack of self-worth and body dysmorphia as well as an often-continual fight to believe they are man enough or macho in the face of hiding scars from their childhood. The fear of being seen as a potential perpetrator because of their sexual abuse is a real systemic problem for men recovering from childhood sexual abuse.

While the film will talk to some experts, the film will focus on personal stories and how these brave men have lived through their trauma.